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Important Feauters of Spasmo-Urgenin Tablets:
  1- Composition.
  2- Mechanism of Action.
  3- Indications.
  4- Contradictions.
  4- Tolerance & Dosage
  5- Notes.
  6- Presentation.
  1- Composition:

1 sugar-coated tablet or 1 suppository contains: Extr. Sabal. Serr. Sicc. 25 mg, Extr. Echinacea angustifol. Sicc 30 mg, Azoniaspiro- (3 a – benziloyloxy-nortropane – 8,1’ – pyrrolidine) chloride 2 mg.

  2- Mechanism of Action:
  3- Indications:
For rapid relief of painful disorders of micturition and tenesmus in acute or chronic prostatitis, adenoma of the prostate (prostatic hypertrophy) in the first and early second stages, prostatism, irritable bladder, cystitis (including post-irradiation cases), urethritis, sphincteric fibrosis; also for pain after instillations, bouginage and other diagnostic or operative procedures. As a supplementary agent during hormonal or antibiotic treatment.
  4- Contraindications:
  Acute retention of urine; cases of prostatic enlargement in which surgical treatment is indicated (residual urine in excess of 100 ml); glaucoma; mechanical stenoses in the gastro-intestinal tract; tachyarrhythmia; megacolon.
  5- Tolerance & Dosage:
Both in short courses and in long-term administration (up to one year) Spasmo-Urgenin was outstandingly well tolerated. In therapeutic doses it did not produce the familiar side-effects of atropine-like drugs on saliva flow (dryness of the mouth) or accommodation (GOEBELS 1972). Gastric upsets and diarrhoea are extremely rare, and are seen only in patients predisposed to such disorders.
Regular checks (protein, sugar and bile pigments in urine, urinary deposit, renal function tests, blood pressure, alkali reserve, electrolytes, serum uric acid, transaminases, non-protein nitrogen, creatinine, etc.) gave no evidence of any abnormality. Even during long-term treatment (one year) there were no deviations from normal (VAHLENSIECK 1968). There is no danger of accumulation.
The best results have been obtained with moderate doses – 2 sugar – coated tablets 3 times daily, taken after meal. In mild cases one sugar – coated tablet 3 or 4 times daily may be enough.
As a rule it is advisable to give Spasmo-Urgenin for at least 2 – 4 weeks so as to consolidate the symptomatic relief gained. Any recurrence of urinary symptoms can nearly always be controlled by immediate recommencement of Spasmo-Urgenin.
Spasmo-Urgenin can be used together with antibacterial agents (antibiotics, sulphonamides, nitrofurantion, etc.) (FRANK 1971) or with hormones, and is well tolerated in such combinations. It reinforces and supplements their primary effects.
  6- Notes:
  Drivers should be warned that their reactions may be slowed. Do not store suppositories at over 25ºC.
  7- Presentation:
  Manufacturer’s packs of 40 sugar – coated tablets, Manufacturer’s packs of 100 sugar – coated tablets, Hospital packs of 500 and 2000 sugar – coated tablets.
Manufacturer’s packs of 10 suppositories, Hospital packs of 100 suppositories.